Background Screening HR Trends in 2018

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Background Screening HR Trends in 2018
The workplace, HR, and probably your whole industry has been going through a flux of new trends - in technology and general management. Even the way HR is conducting background screenings has changed! Here are four background screening trends you’ll see in 2018:

Compliance will continue to be important
Regulation processes and compliance will always be a key element in screening and recruiting. In 2017, several things were regulated in employment laws such as salary history bans in some areas. 2018 may provide an onslaught of more of these changes.

Mobile will be used
Whether it’s through new recruitment mobile apps or mobile-friendly company technology, the mobile tech boom will continue. These can help with candidate application as well as screening. To what extent? It depends on each app and company. However, trust that mobile will generally cover any opportunity to let information become faster, easy to access, and current.

Artificial Intelligence
Nope, we haven’t reached the era of full-bodied robots yet. However, more and more companies are using automated, “artificial intelligence” programs to help screen through large candidate pools. These make targeted candidate preferences easier to hone in on, accurate, and more efficient. However, these don’t lack the need of human contact. You certainly will need recruiters to monitor these programs as well.

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