Resume Tips

Helpful Resume Tips

1. Make Your Name Stand Out

• You want to make sure they remember your name!
• Make the text stand out by making it larger than the text in the body of your resume.
• Making your name bold can draw it out from the rest of the text
• Underlining or italicizing can help as well

2. Proofread Proofread Proofread!

• Many employers will exclude a candidate based on ONE spelling or grammar error
• Have at least 3 other people take a look at your resume before finalizing it

3. File type should be a PDF or a Microsoft Word document

• If a busy employer doesn't have the program to open your resume, they will discard it
• Even if you have a fantastic cover letter if they can't view your resume its over

4. Don't include a photo

• Including a photo can send a bad message to an employer
• Your resume is a presentation of relevant information about yourself in relation to a position
• Adding a photo can appear unprofessional

5. Include keywords from the job description or ad

• Employers sometimes will scan specific skills or keywords they used in the ad
• If a job duty states lead-free soldering, insure that lead-free soldering appears in your resume
• Don't assume they will know that you did lead-free soldering in a prior position
• Emphasize the experience that you have that is relevant
• Don't elaborate on experience that is irrelevant

6. Keep it consistent

• Keep font, size, spacing, and sections consistent
• If adding to an old resume, make sure you are using the same font and the same size
• If starting with underlined section titles, insure ALL of your section titles are underlined
• This type of consistency reflects attention to detail to an employer

7. Format your resume

• Widening the margins on your resume will allow more text to fit onto one page
• Margin usage can also reflect a basic understanding of Microsoft Word commands

8. List your work history carefully

• Start with your most recent position and work your way backwards
• If there are gaps in your work history, add a note as to why
• Employers frequently look for gaps in employment history and will discard a resume
• Inaccurate dates or not adding dates at all will be a cause for concern with employers
• Make sure your employment dates are as accurate as possible

9. Don't be afraid to sell yourself it is why you are there

• Boast about past accomplishments or responsibilities when writing a resume
• Be bold! You want to be remembered
• This is your chance to stand out from the other candidates