Virtual Interviewing

Getting setup for FaceTime:


• Your iPhone 4 or 5 or later must have at least 7.1.1 os.
• Your iPad must have the most recent upgrade.
• Dress for your interview professionaly!
• Make sure that your router setting are setup and that your ports allow video.
• Make sure you have tested your FaceTime environment prior our interview.

Getting setup for SKYPE:


• If you haven't already download Skype to your devise
• Create your Skype Name and make sure you remember it
• Make sure you have your SKYPE NAME handy before starting your Online App
• Make sure that you spell your Skype Name properly on the App
• Make sure you have tested your Skype environment prior to out interview.
• Dress for you interview professionaly.

Your Video Interviewing Environment is everything:

Your Virtual Environment

• Do Not hand hold your device make sure it is firmly standing on its own.
• AUDIO is much easier to hear when your devise is further away from you.
• Ensure that your device is a good 2 feet away from you.
• Ensure that your environment is well lit from the front for the Video Interview.
• Do Not host with a sunny window behind you as you will be hard to see.
• Test your environment first with a friend so you can see that it is well lit.
• DO NOT host your interview in a coffee shop it is too loud.
• Your hosting environment MUST be quiet and professional.
• DO NOT host the environment in a bedroom or bathroom.
• Keep in mind you are interviewing for work - Your environment needs to be Pro!

• If you would like specific advice on Virtually Interviewing, please reach out to your Recruiter - we are here to help!