Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do I have to pay to sign up with Crossroads?
A No, we offer our services completely free to our candidates.

Q What is the application process like?
A The first step would be to complete our Online Application. After the online application is complete, we invite our candidates to schedule a Virtual Interview with one of our recruiters to discuss experience, skills, and opportunities that might be a match. From there, candidates can monitor new jobs from our website, and apply with just a couple of clicks. Of course, our recruiters are always here to help and can answer additional questions about the staffing process via phone and email as well.

Q Am I required to accept an assignment if it is offered to me?
A We will always contact you regarding the pay, length of assignment and type of work involved before we submit your resume to any position - while we hope that candidates will be straightforward about the type of work they want and are willing to do, no candidate is under any obligation to accept any assignment.

Q What are the chances I will get hired on with a company if I accept a temp-to-hire position?
A A temp-to-hire period is very similar to any probationary period that a company would require-barring a very unusual set of circumstances, if a position is advertised as temp-to-hire, it will develop into a permanent position with the company.

Q How long does the temporary period last in temp-to-hire positions?
A There is no set amount of time that ends the temp period, but it generally lasts between 3-6 months.

Q How long does it take to hear back from a company after my resume has been submitted?
A The time it takes to hear back from a company greatly varies with the situation. Sometimes it can be a matter of days, while other companies take weeks or even months. If you would like an update on the status of your resume, contact your recruiter to see if there has been any movement.

Q How should I dress for my Virtual Interview with Crossroads?
A Business professional attire is appropriate for your Virtual Interview. For more tips on interview dress, please see our Interview Dress Tips

Q I am concerned about online security. Do you share my information with anyone?
A Our website uses modern techologies to insure it is secure, and we never share your information with any third parties, except to send your resume for approved positions. All of your information is very secure.

Q There is some information in the online app that I don't want to share - Can I still apply?
A If there is a section of the online application that you wish to leave blank, go ahead and skip it or type a placeholder value in the field - your recruiter can manually enter in relevant information, and discuss the reason why you don't want to complete a section in more detail.

Q I don't have a resume. Can I still apply for Crossroads?
A Yes, you can still apply with Crossroads without a resume. However, most of our positions are filled by sending resumes via email to a particular company, and not having one eliminates candidates with no resume immediately. If you would like assistance with building a resume, please see our Resume Tips. Our recruiters are also available to help you construct a resume if needed.

Q How do I need to prepare for an interview?
A When you interview with Crossroads, please insure that you have emailed a copy of your resume and 2 forms of ID (such as a driver's license and social security card). For more general tips on how to prepare, please see Interview Tips.

Q How long does the interview process last?
A The length of the interview is a direct reflection of how complete the online application is. When the application is filled out correctly and thoroughly, the interview process should take no more than 30 minutes.

Q Can I delete my profile with Crossroads?
A Your profile cannot be deleted with Crossroads per labor laws. Contact your recruiter to have automatic emails turned off, and make your profile invisible on the website.

Q How often should I call in to check the status of my application?
A Generally, it is a good idea to call in once a week to let your recruiter know that you are still looking for work. This keeps your name fresh in the recruiter's mind, and adds you to our Hot List, which we reference first when a new job order comes in.

Q How do I find the name of the company that I am applying to?
A For most of our positions, the company name is kept confidential until the time of an interview. Once an interview is scheduled, we will give you all of the information that you need to do some research on the company before your interview. Of course, if there are any companies that you do NOT want your resume to be submitted to, we are more than happy to accommodate any requests.

Q Can I have an interview over the phone?
A Because of the requirements of our screening process, we do not permit phone interviews. We can accommodate different schedules, especially if you are currently working. It is important to Crossroads to make sure we get the best fit for each candidate and company, and we can gather much more information about your goals and job desires via a Virtual Video Interview!