Building Relationships


Networking Is Everything!


Word of mouth is universally acclaimed as the best form of recommendation. To start, you have to be prepared and ready to participate in all types of networking environments. You can use networking in a number of different environments

Easy Places To Network

o Parents at your children's soccer game
o Friends and family
o Your gym or health club
o Civic organizations such as: Moose, Rotory, Freemasons, Chamber Of Commerce
o Standing in line at your favorite coffee shop

• Networking is a lot like sales. You start with an introduction, build rapport, and then qualify the person if he or she is someone that may be able to help you. Even better - are they someone you can help in some way? Assisting a business contact with something they want or need to accomplish can be a great way to build trust and favorability for you as a person and a candidate.

• When attending a networking group (like Rotary or for an organization that is related to the industry you are interested in), BE PREPARED! Practice a 30 second introduction about yourself, arrive early, stay late, and take business cards if you have them -these can be as simple as your name and phone number. Keep your professionalism up! Be sure to move around the room, don't stay in one place too long, and definitely don't interrupt another conversation. Exercise patience, and be positive and enthusiastic. Be sure to give each person you meet a firm handshake with plenty of eye contact. A good way to help remember each person's name is to repeat it at least twice during the conversation.

• Be sure to follow up on any leads that you are given. Equally as important is thanking the person who gave the lead to you. Whatever you do, make sure you have fun! Friends like to help friends, so go out and make plenty of friends!