Interview Dress Tips

Interview Dress Tips for Women:

1. Shoes:

• Closed-toe shoes are the most appropriate for a job interview.
• High heels with a closed toe are acceptable.
• Make sure you are comfortable walking in the shoes you wear to an interview!
• Heels that are too high or casual are not a good idea.
• Make sure your shoes are clean and polished.

2. Tops And Dresses:

• Make sure your shoulders are covered, with no bra straps showing.
• Clean, button up shirts that fit properly are always a professional choice.
• Tops and dresses for women should be conservative and not too low cut.
• Sheer tops may be fashionable, but are not the most professional choice.

3. Bottoms:

• Clean, pressed slacks are a great option.
• Tailored dress slacks look great wear well and look polished in an interview.
• Make sure skirts are no shorter than 4 inches above the knee.
• Skirts should be conservative and comfortable to walk in.

4. Hair, Makeup & Accessories:

• Washed, well groomed hairstyles are important.
• Insure no pieces of hair are hanging in your face creating an issue with strong eye contact.
• Pin back any hair that needs to be constantly tucked behind your ear.
• Modest makeup.
• Simple, minimal jewelry - nothing too large or sparkly that could be distracting.
• VERY minimal perfume.
• Clean, neat fingernails - no flamboyant nail polish colors.

Interview Dress Tips for Men:

1. Shoes:

• Clean, polished dress shoes in black or brown.
• Socks that match your slacks in color.

2. Tops:

• Button up collared shirt with tie.
• Sport coat or suit jacket that matches slacks.

3. Bottoms:

• Clean, pressed slacks.
• Tailoring a suit can make a big difference in how it fits you.
• consider taking your suit to be altered specifically for you.

4. Hair & Accessories:

• No accessories or jewelry other than ring and watch.
• Keep facial hair well groomed.
• If you have a moustache and/or beard, make sure it is neat and trimmed.
• MINIMAL cologne

Quick Tips For Everyone:

1. Make Sure You Stand Out:

• Bring a lint roller with you, and give your clothes a quick brush before going in to an interview.
• It's always best to overdress! Even if an office has a casual dress code, unless you are instructed otherwise.
• Once there, take a cue from your supervisor or business owner as to what is their appropriate dress.
• Keep jewelry simple and to a minimum.
• Large accessories are distracting during an interview, you want the interviewer focusing only on YOU.
• Avoid visible piercings or tattoos.
• Cologne and perfume kept to a bare minimum

• If you would like specific advice on interview dress, please reach out to your Recruiter - we are here to help!