About Us

Crossroads Online - On The Road To Success!

Our Story
Crossroads is a unique kind of staffing agency. In our twenty years of being
in the industry, we've grown to adjust to the ever-changing jobs search
arena. Through technology our hiring process allows us to match the right
job with the right candidate FAST. Crossroads is a national staffing
company with placements throughout the US and Canada. We work hard,
smart and fast and are always open to connecting with people in new areas.
Crossroads not only has a solution specific to your industry, but specific
to your organization's need.

Hiring Managers
Executive Searches
Hiring a new executive or senior level manager is a crucial time for any company,
and we understand this. Our Executive level recruiters incorporate a meticulous,
laser-focused process. When filling executive-level roles, especially, all steps
in the process must be taken with great care. By working with our Executive level
recruiters, you can remove the risk in your hiring. Instead of working on many
recruitments with multiple companies, these recruiters are focused on just your
organization—giving your search its proper attention.

Exclusive / Contingent Searches
Crossroads also offers another Low-Risk Placement Solution. Finding you the right
fit is our number one goal. We provide the option of an executive quality search on a
contingency basis, so you only incur fees when we find you the perfect person for the
role, so there’s no risk to you. Moreover, this option allows you to “try before you
buy,” giving you the time to assess whether the professional is a perfect skills and
cultural fit for your organization.

We Specialize in the Following Industries
  • Administrative
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting / Finance
  • Engineering
  • Customer Service
  • Call Center
  • Inside Sales
  • Government Positions  (All Security Clearances)

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    Fast and Efficient
    People rave about our efficient matching process. We have a keen eye for
    zeroing in on the top talent for any given job opening. Candidates are often
    pleasantly surprised at how immediately they are contacted after applying.
    We understand that the hiring process can be daunting – whether you're the
    employer or the employee! We're here to optimize that process. All you have to
    do is apply!

    Compassionate and Professional
    We are equipped to communicate with each of our employers and job seekers
    individually. No robots. We get a sense of what qualities you bring to the table,
    and how those correlate to a job opening's biggest requirements. We're here to
    represent you, and help you on the path towards reaching your full potential.


    A Little More About Us
    Always Thinking Green
    With almost 100% of the process done online, we're virtually paperless.
    Our office is decorated with plants and an atmosphere that encourages
    wellness. We believe that cultivating a great environment produces great work.

    Promoting Wellness
    Good health and wellness are necessary to a healthy office atmosphere.
    We believe that employees should be encouraged to take care of themselves
    in order to produce their best work. From healthy snacks to yoga balls at
    our desks, we take a proactive approach to wellness by creating a space that
    makes employees aware of their lifestyle.

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