How To Stay Heart Healthy

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How To Stay Heart Healthy
Whether it’s your cholesterol or stress levels, it’s important to keep track of the things that affect your heart health. Sometimes we’re so caught up with our hustle and bustle that we don’t pay enough attention to remaining healthy. Here are a few ways to stay heart healthy, as taken from

Get your cholesterol and blood pressure checked
Have a healthcare plan? Wonderful! Do you use it for check-ups? Although you may think it’s unnecessary, it’s always smart to get a check-up, especially if you sense you’ve been stressed out and haven’t been eaten the best lately. Ask your doctor about cholesterol and blood pressure - what’s healthy, how to regulate them, etc.

Cut back on drinking and quit smoking
Drinking can affect your heart health, but in moderation it can be okay to continue. Although red wines are known to have benefits for heart health, it’s important to limit excessive alcohol. If you’re a smoking, you are unfortunately more at risk for heart disease. Don’t stress out too much! Ease off the smoking in small steps, and you’ll be on your way to preventing heart disease altogether.

Stay Active
You’ve heard this time and again, but what about those days where you’re so busy you can’t possibly go to the gym? Good news! You don’t need one. Walk around your neighborhood for 20 minutes and do some yoga. Dance, bike, run, play with your kids! Find a way to be active, and allow yourself to get your heart pumping. And on days where you can fit in a full workout, do so!

Eat Healthy
Now, we’ve heard this several times before. But what happens if you’re on a hectic business trip and only have unhealthy snacks and food options? Anticipate these events and pre-pack some healthy snacks. Also, can you research restaurants and menus in the areas you’re in? See if they have healthier food options. And also, don’t stress too much if you did have an unhealthy day. Balance it out with healthier eating the next day, and try to keep up that balance.

Be honest. How difficult is it for you to relax? Well, you’re not alone. Many Americans tend to keep themselves occupied with new duties or mental anxiety instead of relaxing. Learn to meditate and clear your mind. Let yourself be present and settle into slowing down and being patient. You don’t have to live life like race. Actually, it’s best for your heart that you don’t.

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