Phrases That Make Conversations More Efficient

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Phrases That Make Conversations More Efficient
Love chatting with your co-workers but end up talking for hours on end? Well, it’s great that you have good rapport but unfortunately this isn’t helpful for workplace productivity. Good news! You can be polite and exit long conversations, or make them more productive with a few simple phrases:

“How can I help?”
Is your co-worker frustrated with an issue at work? Have they been ranting on for the last half-hour? If you haven’t already given them advice to remedy the issue, simply ask how you can help. Not only will this cut their rant short, it’ll also help you both get straight to the issue and how to solve it. If there isn’t a way to help, then do discuss it with a manager to get further ideas.

“Can I get back to you on that?”
Now, this phrase should be used only if the intention truly is to revisit the conversation later. Too often, this is a throwaway phrase used to get out of a conversation. Nope, you should really get back to them about that. Also, make it a point that you do want to help address this issue, it is only due to time constraint that you aren’t.

“Let’s start simple.”
Maybe you’re in a meeting or brainstorming with your team. Can’t think of any new ideas? Why not start with the very basic elements of the project. Get the logistics out of the way, and if there is an issue, ideation will surely pop up.

“Don’t worry, it’ll improve.”
Whatever situation you are speaking to another co-worker about, chances are they’ve been racking their brains with it all day and allowing anxiety to stir up. Instead of encouraging their mind to overthink more, simply give the advice to let them slow down. Often, co-workers get chatty due to nerves or frustration. Encourage a patient, positive mindset and you’ll both be more productive.

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