Company Culture Trends To Try in 2018

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Company Culture Trends To Try in 2018
From new technology to more eco-friendly products, the workplaces just keeps getting more and more advanced. It’s an exciting time to manage a company. Here are a few company culture trends to try in 2018:

Applicant Assessment
What? A test? How is this new and innovative? Actually, many companies have used assessments for years, especially to measure things such as correct grammar, spelling, tech skills, etc. It may be good practice to incorporate these for positions that you feel require specific skillsets. Keep in mind not to make these too long and arduous, but rather focused on particular areas you want to assess. Also, this could be an addition to your situational interview questions. How would they go about solving this math problem? What would they do in this situation?

A Broader Range Of “Perks”
So you have your vacation days, medical and 401k benefits set. In addition, you can always add in fun culture-related perks that’ll surely increase incentive and motivation. Firstly, things like a one-day spa package or massage would be a wonderful treat after an employee completes their project goals. Or something simple such as a wellness care package of snacks and cheap fitness items would be great as well!

Smart Technology
Isn’t technology already smart? Well, we hope so. But what we mean by this, is technology that can be automated or self-reliant - such as artificial intelligence. Don’t worry, you don’t have to invest in a complete technology reboot of your company. However, you can incorporate new apps and software programs that’ll create more automated communication. From instant message bots to efficient email organizing programs, there are countless programs to choose from.

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