Making Positive Changes To Improve Wellness

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Making Positive Changes To Improve Wellness
Need a change to re-energize your daily routine? Finding that your mindset could use a little positivity? Well, you’d be surprised how simple changes can create wellness in your life and at work. Here are a few ways to incorporate positive change into your routine:

Switch up your work day breaks
Yes, many people swear by their work rituals. Maybe they have coffee at certain times of day, take breaks and lunch at the exact hour. If that works for you, then keep it up! However, some little changes could make your day even better. What if you changed every Friday lunch into a group lunch with your employees or just a friend? It wouldn’t have to be every day, but once a week you can take the middle of the work day just to catch up. Also, why not make your breaks different activities? Maybe you read during lunch on Monday, do yoga on Tuesday, meditate on Wednesday, etc.? Sure beats going on social media during lunch every single day.

Change your language
Do you find yourself using pre-judgments or negativity a lot? Don’t worry, we all do! Especially when we think we need to protect ourselves. Rather than allow ourselves to believe negativity acts as a good defense mechanism, let’s use positivity instead. How can you make the most out of a usually bad situation? How can you be solutions-based rather than negative?

Incorporate good nutrition
Maybe having coffee every day causes more stress than it does focus for you. Why not slowly wean off coffee and try tea or better yet an energizing juice in the morning? You don’t have to completely change your diet, but incorporate some healthier snacks to replace your usual ones. A bag of roasted almonds instead of potato chips would be better for your focus and you’d gain great fats and protein. A side salad added to your usual plain sandwich may be the boost of energy you need for the rest of your workday. Add some nutrition!

Do one thing a day that scare you
Yup, you’ve heard this phrase dozens of times, but did you know that just a tiny change could make all the difference? Maybe your goal is just to compliment a nice cashier. Or, you finally take the exercise class you’ve been meaning to go to. Maybe you challenge yourself to do a little more than what’s expected at work. Give yourself a positive challenge every day, and you’ll see your mindset, your confidence, and your motivation become better.

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