Effective Phrases All Leaders Should Use

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Effective Phrases All Leaders Should Use
Communication is usually a fluid, ever-changing learning process. After all, new communication topics and issues can always arise. However, some methods and phrases will remain helpful in all situations. Here are a few to incorporate into your daily workday, as taken from Forbes.com:

“Here’s where we’re going—and this is how we’ll get there.”
A goal with a clear plan. While there is always room to change course or stop and solve a problem you didn’t foresee, there should always be a clear plan from the get-go. It’s important to instill motivation and inspiration in your employees in addition to this, however an idea without a clear goal is a bit lazy when it comes to leadership. Take heed of your team’s strengths but you must create a path.

“Let’s work together.”
All projects break up into smaller parts. Sure, everyone may eventually have their own deliverables and goals to work on. But always remind your team that it comes down to the bigger, communal picture - your company’s overall goals. So when opportunity arises to work together, take advantage! You may even get things done faster, and more creatively when you put your heads together.

“What do you think?”
Now it’s important to have a clear plan and goals in order, but are you holding onto the reins a bit too tightly? Look for opportunities to ask for employee input. In fact, it should be second-nature to ask for input with everything you present. In the end, you can still make a firm final decision about the matter. However, get input from the employees who will be working on the goals.

“How can I help?”
In life, at work, wherever you go, it’s always important to look for ways to help. Is someone unclear about their instructions? Or is something simply new to them? Look for ways to help without taking over the project. It’ll do wonders for the project results and your employee’s motivation.

“Thank You!”
All in all, your team is there to back up your vision. They took it on as their own, and they’re seeing it to fruition. A simple bit of appreciation will keep them energized to continue providing great results. So whether that is through verbal communication or benefits, make sure your employees know you are grateful (and they will be too!).

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