When Your Whole Team Wants To Take A Holiday Off

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When Your Whole Team Wants To Take A Holiday Off
The holiday season is officially in full effect. From family trips to simple days off at a time, you’re probably getting a whole gaggle of vacation requests. The only problem is, there seems to be no one left at the office except yourself! How do you handle several holiday requests without diminishing your company’s productivity?

Plan for employees to trade-off
If you already have a shift system in place at the office, this shouldn’t be too big an issue for you. However, if you’re like many offices where most employees work the same hours, some pre-planning and fair trade-offs should be in order. Take note of which managers, leads, etc. will be out which weeks, and make sure they’re able to coordinate fair vacation trade-offs.

Base holidays around project goals
Each employee should already be planning their holidays around their project goals. If anything, have a goal number of employees to have in the office at a time for their projects. In general, the focus should be that they’ve done sufficient work to take a holiday and come back to finish off their last deliverables. If anything, a plan to finish the large items before taking a holiday would be best.

Keep everyone on the same schedule
If anything, you could just choose to close down the office for a week or so and there is no confusion. If you have the luxury of allowing your company to be down for a period of time, it would be fair and easy to coordinate amongst your employees. If you can’t risk your company being down for too long, try to shorten your days during holiday time.

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