Simple Ways To Boost Engagement and Morale

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Simple Ways To Boost Engagement and Morale
You’ve created an open, clear-communication space in your office. You believe you’re doing everything you can, yet there’s still a bit of motivation missing in your team. Is it the nature of your work? Despite that, you can always boost energy in the office! Here are a few simple ways:

Get everyone’s coffee drink orders
Maybe you’ve just assembled a new project team. Perfect! Set the right tone at the get-go and ask everyone to write down their favorite drinks from a coffee shop. Or alternatively, take lunch orders, bring donuts, hand out cheap inspirational books, etc. Find a way to go the extra mile by giving something special to your team when the time permits! A little recognition, even up front, can go a long way!

Have a rotating responsibility
Wait, more work? It’s not what it sounds like. In the office, find something everyone, regardless of department, can help work on together. Understandably, when people contribute to one goal, they’re often closer as a result. So, whether it’s a rotating responsibility or something you do together on a Saturday, go for it! This can be taking turns watering the company plants, bringing baked goods, hosting a team after-work activity, doing a walk for charity, etc. Switch it up, and especially allow each team member the chance to chime in with their own idea!

It’s no surprise that atmosphere is a large part of office morale. There are several ways to brighten up and energy your office -- simply through interior decorating! Try getting plants for your office! Even fake ones will make the setting more welcoming. How about some inexpensive artwork? Wall decor? Personalize items when you can! Get paper weights with initials or company logos on them! Make your office a bit home-y, and your employees will feel more at home with their work.

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