Handling Your Work Hustle

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Handling Your Work Hustle
A common term used to describe tackling several goals at once, hustling has become quite the trend in the professional world. Many people are starting their own businesses while working amazing corporate jobs. Some are working toward their biggest dreams while working several part-time jobs. Either which way you slice it, most of us have some kind of hustle going on. Here’s how to handle it well:

Be passionate about your goals
You’ve heard time and again that passion is the key ingredient in making anything come to fruition. Well, this is especially true when you’re hustling. Why? Well, something’s gotta motivate you while you handle your four different jobs. Say you’re currently working at a great corporate company, but you also want to take business classes on the side, plus become a yoga instructor. Whoa! That’s a lot, but many have tried and succeed to similar or even more things! How? They were passionate about every activity. Maybe your base job isn’t ideal, but with the promise that it will fund your future, let that be your fuel!

Plan it right
Okay, maybe you do have a lot on your plate. All the activities you’re trying to juggle may be overwhelming you. That’s completely normal! In fact, most of the time the best way to handle this is to schedule and prioritize. Maybe your business classes are taking up most of your time, and you can’t quite put in the hours to become yoga-certified yet. What if you looked ahead a bit and schedule more yoga hours next month? That way, you can focus on both things separately without sacrificing quality.

Set goals, but don’t get discourage by timing
Want to change careers but feel it’s too late? Want to take that extra industry-boosting class but feel like it’s “beneath you” at this point in your career? Forget about feeling too old or not experienced enough. Whatever premeditated conditions you have, you can throw out the window. Instead, replace them with goals. Sure, you didn’t start your business at 30, but that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen at 42! Set goals and move towards them!

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