Tips For Persevering In Your Career

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Tips For Persevering In Your Career
Perseverance isn’t just needed for building your dream career, it’s the main thing that creates your career! How do you persevere through the hard times? Well, a little motivation from these entrepreneurs may help (taken from

Take the Punches - Gary Vaynerchuk, New York Times Best-Selling Author
“A wannapreneur” quits and gets a job after the first punch in the face. An entrepreneur can take unlimited punches and build a business that lasts.”

Mimic Success - Tai Lopez, Investor, Advisor to multi-million dollar companies
“Humans are built to “mimic.” Find success and mimic it. The simplest three places are autobiographies or biographies, videos, and an in-person mentor. They’ll give you inspiration and build your courage. You’ll see that other people have done it before, yet it wasn’t easy. They had to work through multiple ups and downs.”

Lead Confidently and Think Big - Moshe Malamud, Founder and CEO of M2Jets
"Why create a candy store when you can build a candy empire? Don't create a company; build an empire with unlimited potential. Anyone can be ordinary. So, upgrade your belief system to dictate what's possible. If I had any self-limiting beliefs, my company, M2Jets, would never own a fleet of aircrafts and a charter book of hundreds of the world's most successful clients. Don’t sell yourself for less, when you can achieve so much more.”

Influence Your Outcome - Roy McDonald, Founder and CEO Of OneLife
“First, knowing the outcome before you start is incredibly empowering. When goal setting with clients, we always start with the end in mind and work backward. Where would you like to be in seven years? Who would you have to become to achieve that goal? From there, plan each year and each step to be on track with your final outcome.”

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