How To Make A Memorable Impression While Networking

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How To Make A Memorable Impression While Networking
Networking is probably one of the most important things you can do to elevate your career. After all, getting to know others in your field doesn’t have to feel competitive. On the contrary, you might end up more successful due to mutual respect and support. Here’s how to make good contacts and leave a great impression while networking:

Introduce new contacts to people you know
Meet someone at a networking event that you just know would have a lot in common with one of your co-workers? Does this executive have a great ideas that your boss could help execute? Does this baby-boomer’s experience match your office’s accounting veteran? Well, why not introduce them! One of the best things that comes out of networking isn’t just a business deal, but the ability to build a long standing business relationship. Sure, a lot of times the people you meet aren’t necessarily going to benefit you. But the beauty of the situation is, they will definitely benefit someone you know. That’s what networking is all about! Your new contact will surely be grateful.

Network whenever you can
Just because you can’t go to that event doesn’t mean you can’t network! Make conversation with people you see out in public every day. Does that taxi driver have business cards in his car? Slip yours in and ask him to tell his customers that they could use your assistance! Ask that person in the elevator what company they work for. Join groups online! You never know what simply reaching out can do for you.

Simply pay attention and genuinely offer your support if you can. Don’t expect to get something back in return right away. However, just being a great listener and giving good advice will leave a positive impression that’ll make people remember you and maybe even recommend you later on.

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