Reversing The Effects Of Too Much Sitting

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Reversing The Effects Of Too Much Sitting
Remember when we mentioned that “sitting is the new smoking”? Well unfortunately, a good majority of us end up sitting most of the day for work, during our commutes or just in our daily lives. Here are some ways to help reverse the effects of sitting too much, taken from

Drinks lots of water
Michelle Cady, health coach and founder of, to drink tons of water. Getting up to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes is actually tremendously helpful when it comes to sitting less.

"I recommend my health coaching clients 'do the triangle walk' every hour. This walk includes leaving their cubicle, refilling their water, going to the bathroom, and returning to their cubicle. It takes only three or four minutes, and it makes you more productive when you sit back down at your desk and get back to business."

Set an alarm
Set a "get up and walk" alarm. Why? If you're someone who is on a phone or computer all day anyway, add an alarm that reminds you to get up and walk every few minutes. Even if you don't do it every single time, the constant reminder will be helpful in the long run. It’ll help you build the habit of getting up. Get another co-worker to do this with you to keep you both accountable.

Stretch and exercise
Don’t worry, you don’t have to be totally fit to battle the effects of sitting (however, fitness is always encouraged!). Instead, some simple stretching and light exercise will help. Get up and do some yoga exercises for a few minutes. If you do end up exercising, find some good posture workouts that’ll help you sustain good alignment that doesn’t stress your body while you are sitting.

Make meetings active
Why not have a standing meeting? A walking meeting? A meeting that starts with a stretch or otherwise active icebreaker? Why? Because sure, maybe you can keep yourself accountable for your activeness throughout the workday. But, your employees may not make it a priority. So during times when the team is together, encourage the reversal of sitting by being active! Look out for your employees’ health actively, they’ll be grateful.

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