How To Achieve One More Big Goal Before The Year Ends

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How To Achieve One More Big Goal Before The Year Ends
So you’re heading into the holiday season and your employees are starting plan their vacations. Sure, you’ve planned ahead and everyone’s projects are running on schedule (hopefully!). But wait, you just got a great new idea! Why not strike while you’ve still got momentum? Here’s how to fit that last big goal in before the year ends:

Make a Game Plan
Of course, before even suggesting it to you employees, make sure you could realistically do it without distracting from the progress of other projects or draining your team’s energy. How will you work around holidays? Will this have to wait til the new year, but can you work towards it now? If anything, it doesn’t hurt to look into the logistics of a new idea. If anything, you can always get to it at a better time.

Choose Your Goal Wisely
Okay, so maybe it isn’t the right time to suggest you change the quarter goal of 10 new clients to 20. But, you can plan to have one more team building exercise before the quarter ends. Maybe you want to help your employees gain new skills and take them to a seminar. Do you want to network with potential new clients but know there isn’t a lot of time to make a deal before the holidays? Plan a networking event, and you’ll at the least stay on their radar until the new year. There are always things you can be working on, even if it isn’t the time to achieve the ultimate goal.

Keep Everyone Motivated
As with any team project and goal, pressure itself isn’t the best motivator. Instead, make sure that when you set a new team goal, you also have the energy yourself to be a positive vehicle of encouragement. Otherwise, just pushing your employees or micromanaging will surely give you the opposite end result. If you want to add in one final hurrah before the year ends, make sure you can create the energy and motivation needed to do so.

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