Crossroads Staffing Employees Getting Involved

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Crossroads Staffing Employees Getting Involved
At Crossroads, we love to do our part in the community - whether that be through providing our staffing services or finding volunteer opportunities. Not only do we serve to help others find the right jobs for them, we also like to see others live their best, healthy lives outside of their careers.

As part of her church group, one of our employees, Erika Woods, volunteers for a great organization called Mercy Worldwide. What is Mercy Worldwide? It is a nonprofit benevolent organization that provides relief and care to those in underprivileged conditions and youth.

Saturday, June 17th, Erika and the Ventura Mercy Group assembled hygiene packages that included toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, soap, shampoo, combs, granola bars & chapstick to give to people in the community. They gathered in Mission Park in Downtown Ventura, CA, and broke off into 5 teams to reach as many as possible. Unified in their green “Mercy” shirts, every member stood out.They served those throughout the park, along the beach, and throughout the downtown shopping area.

The response after giving out the hygiene packs was amazing, and everyone in need was grateful and appreciative. The experience allowed the mercy team to give with their whole hearts, and create more ideas for the next time.

If you want to get involved Mercy Worldwide, check them out at How are your employees engaging in the community? We at Crossroads like to emphasize good wellness and health during our work days and daily lives. What values would you like your company to represent?

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