An Important Trait To Look For In New Employees

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An Important Trait To Look For In New Employees
Every HR professional will tell you that they’ve heard countless hiring tips and strategies that supposedly help you hire the “perfect” candidate. Is there such thing? Or alternatively, why wouldn’t there be a perfect candidate? Here’s a secret: most candidates do not fit into a box, they end up with a unique mix of traits. So one magic formula doesn’t necessarily apply. However, one trait does seem to be beneficial in all employes: the ability to learn. Here’s why it’s so helpful, taken from

It is vital for smaller companies
Are you a small team of smart, multi-talented people? Then you understand how important it is to hire people who are adaptable and willing to learn skills outside of their immediate expertise. Not only is the ability to learn vital to keeping smaller teams productive, it also helps create better cohesion and communication. The more people on the same page, the better.

It is vital for new companies
Similar to small teams, the ability to learn new things is essential to new companies. Many new companies are not only trying to build up a reputable brand, but 9 times out of 10 looking to innovative and create something different. The path to getting there? The willingness to learn new methods, try unique approaches, and experiment. A more close-minded new employee may not be able to roll with the changes you’re making at your new company.

It reveals good communication and teamwork skills
An ability to learn new things is really about adaptability and openness. The more adaptable a new employee, the easier it is for them to work with a team. It’s also easier to work with an employee who will communicate new ideas more easily -- as a less willing employee may be argumentative, rigid, or conservative.

It is something you can look for in interviews
How do you assess a candidate’s ability to learn new things? Well firstly, ask them the right questions during the interview. Simply, “How willing are you to engage in work slightly outside of your expertise?” may work. Also, “What would you like to learn from this job?” would be revealing as well. A situational question which requires out-of-the-box thinking would also be helpful in assessing this trait. Whatever your interview style, make it apparent to the candidate that a willingness to learn new things and adapt is important to the position. The right candidate will rise to the occasion.

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