How To Keep Cool During Summer

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How To Keep Cool During Summer
It’s summertime and whether you’re in a beachy town, rural area, or big city, one thing is for sure - it’s going to get hotter than usual. So, how do you cope with your everyday routines in the heat? Here are some helpful tips:

Wear loose clothing
Despite the environment - the office or going out, you can always find an event-appropriate outfit that you can also breathe easy in (which, you always should!). Cotton, non-tight pants or shirts, comfortable shoes, etc. are all great for you, especially since we tend to get swollen when in the heat. Also, what better time than summer to experiment with your personal style? How can you achieve that great business casual look with less “up-tight” clothes? Experiment, and feel free to add colors you don’t usually wear!

Spruce up your water!
Stay hydrated! Put frozen (or unfrozen!) berries in your water bottle. Not only will it add antioxidants to your water, it’ll also be quite tasty! Add some cucumber and lemon to increase hydration, plus add some healthy detoxifying elements to your typical water intake. Other great herbs to add to your water include mint and basil. It’s also important to be wary of drinks that dehydrate you - such as coffee. Make sure that ice maker is working well, and have some ice trays handy just in case. They’ll be lifesavers!

Keep the office thermostat at a fair temperature
Know it’s hot out, but don’t want to turn the office into an igloo? Office temperature gets quite confusing during the summer, as your first instinct is to turn the A/C up. This feels great after you’ve just come from outside. But after a while, you’re freezing, and thus, your body has had the task of quickly adapting to temperature changes. What’s the magic temperature that will regulate this all? Honestly, you’ll have to get your co-workers opinions on that. Usually, between the 68-74 degrees fahrenheit range works for most offices. Again, you don’t want your employees to bring in a jacket on a hot day just because their offices are freezing. Test it out, and make a firm thermostat decision that your employees will be able to adjust to well. It’ll definitely make a difference.

Exercise in the morning
If there was ever a time to start working out before work, it’s during the summer! Not only will the sun be up earlier than usual, you’ll also benefit from the cooler morning temperatures. So whether you take a walk or run outdoors, or simply want a less humid workout room, morning workouts will be far more breathable. Just remember to hydrate well when you get up in the morning, and after your workout. If you’re up for it, try working out at dawn, when it’s the coolest?

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!
Buy the right sunscreen for your skin, and apply it evenly and everywhere! Sunburn will only increase your internal body heat. So when you go on walks or if you find yourself on a long commute, apply sunscreen, wear a hat and your favorite pair of sunglasses. Also, have some aloe vera handy incase you do end up with a pesky sunburn!

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