Habits of Engaged Employees

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Habits of Engaged Employees
Feel like you’ve gotten into a bit of a work slump? Or do you simply want to improve your work attitude? Good news! There is certainly always time and space to do so. Here are some of the habits of happy, engaged employees that you can start adopting into your work lifestyle:

Having a vision for your future
Being future-focused is an important mindset to have to be fully engaged in your work. If you don’t see how your current job will fulfill your larger goals, do you really think you’ll be motivated? Nope, probably not. But even if your current job is loosely related to your ultimate goal, you can still improve your engagement by adjusting your mindset. This current job allows you to afford the learning tools needed to reach your ultimate goal, it helps you stay financially afloat, it motivates you to work harder and learn. Most work is meaningful and can help us grow into our ideal, future selves. Make sure you’re aware of that, and you’ll be that much more engaged.

A sense of purpose
Now, beyond your personal goals, let’s think about your impact. Don’t think your current job provides much purpose? Well, all jobs provide some sort of service. And otherwise, you can also find an opportunity to be more impactful outside of your immediate job. Why not volunteer for a cause with your co-workers? You can make it fun, purposeful, and a way to engage your current office team to do something impactful. Can you get involved in the community otherwise? Maybe your immediate position doesn’t influence as many people as you’d like, but it does help. And you can find different ways of helping the world regardless.

Ability to build good relationships
Don’t worry, your co-workers don’t have to be your closest friends. However, they should, in general, be great people to work with. If your company is hiring the right people, you all should have the potential to mesh well with each other, if merely at a teamwork level. Do you have co-workers that could serve as great mentors for you? Can you serve as a great mentor for younger employees? Work isn’t just about the numbers and results, but also about how a team can work together to create those results. Build those great working relationships, and you’ll be very much more engaged.

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