Tips For Better Management

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Tips For Better Management
Sure, business schools and seminars are great at explaining the technicalities of the industry, as well as helping in building your leadership skills. Some management “rules”, however, aren’t necessarily as set in stone as others. Here are some tips for providing better office management:

Build good working relationships
Oftentimes, managers are told not to get too close to their employees. While of course, you should not get pushy about personal or non-work related things, a certain level of interaction should be encouraged. Get to know your employees! What are their favorite foods, so that you can bring them to office parties? What are their favorite activities or stores, so that you can get giftcards as an incentive for some friendly office competitions? And do they have unique talents that would be fun to showcase at a charity event? Maybe you don’t have to know about their personal life. But understanding what makes your employees happy, and what they’re passionate about, will always be a great idea.

Raise the stakes in times of low productivity
Take this with a grain of salt, and lots of common sense. Now, you don’t want to motivate your employees with negative pressure. However, sometimes when your team is experiencing a productivity slump, all they need is something to motivate them to kick it up a notch. What are some great, urgent, but still positively motivating ways to push your employees to their greatest potential? First, communicate honestly. Here’s an example of effective constructive criticism: let them know that they can do better. Instead of saying they aren’t doing well, emphasize the fact that they have the potential to be a much more productive team, and right now they’re not working at their greatest capacity. Then, brainstorm bigger, more challenging goals. Also, can you incorporate fun office competitions in the mix? Be creative, and remember that you’re encouraging their growth.

Find people who could replace you
This sounds self-deprecating, but it is quite the opposite. You want to hire employees that have the ability to move up, improve, and become leaders. Depending on how long you want to stay with your company, it’s important to note that managing people who could potentially replace you is a good thing (as long as it’s fair and you leave on good terms). Maybe you have your eye on the VP or next CEO position. Or maybe you’re retiring soon, and want to leave the company in good hands. Either way, you can build up your employees’ leadership ability without losing your authority. Anyway, creating a new wave of leaders adds to your own legacy. Hire, train, and motivate employees who will do so well.

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