How To Cure Your Impostor Syndrome

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How To Cure Your Impostor Syndrome
Have you heard of the term, “Impostor Syndrome”? Even if you haven’t, you probably have experience it in your life. In short, Impostor Syndrome is the constant doubt in your good work. Maybe you have been working your best, improving, setting new goals frequently. But somehow, you’re still not sure that everyone’s declaration of “good job” to you is real. How do you begin to take it seriously? Here’s how:

Talk To People Who Understand
Sure, a lot of employees think this is no big deal. They may even decide you’re being too humble, or you’re conversely just looking for validation. However, it’s not so simple. It’s important to feel as though you deserve what you’ve worked hard for, or else your work ethic may start to falter, along with your confidence. Talk to a co-worker or friend who has been there and gotten over it instead.

Take A Look At Your Wins
Don’t believe everyone when they say you’ve done a wonderful job? Take a look at your achievements from the past month, quarter, and year. Sure, maybe you had some stumbles, but don’t focus on that. Realize how your achievements benefited the company. Sometimes, it’s just as important to review what you’ve accomplished as it is to review what you need to work on.

Ask Your Boss
Does your office have a less than frequent performance review? Or are you just looking to bring up new topics or situations? Then talk to your boss. Relay to them that you want an honest review of your work so far. What did you really accomplish, and what do they want you to continue doing? Knowing what your expectations are, and knowingly following through will definitely make you feel more confident in your accomplishments.

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