How To Take Initiative At Work

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How To Take Initiative At Work
Okay, so you’ve started at a new company or you’re simply stuck in a routine and you want to improve your part in the office team. How can you do that without imposing on others’ work, or showing off too much? Simple. Take initiative. Here’s how:

Be More Than Prepared
Are you consistently on time, and keep to yourself? Okay, now try to level up. Maybe you could do extra research before a staff meeting. Take stock of your research, and come up with new ideas or solutions to bring to the team. Either way, everyone appreciates a little extra information to work with when making big decisions.

Be Innovative
Are you an idea person? Are you usually not the idea person? Coming up with new, innovative ways to approach things comes from looking at situations from different perspectives. Set aside time (without overwhelming yourself) to think about different possibilities and options. Come up with your craziest ideas, and then start breaking down realistic ways to approach them. You’ll be surprised what can result from this.

Be There To Help
Everyone appreciates a co-worker who lends a helping hand when they really need it. Does your co-worker have a few simple things to finish before they leave, but they’ve been on the phone with a client for longer than expected? Help them out. Can you help a co-worker speak up about their ideas to the team at staff meetings? Can you take some work off your boss’s hands? See what you can you, in addition to doing great work on your own.

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