Signs That Indicate You’re In A Rut

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Signs That Indicate You’re In A Rut
Now, there is a difference between stability and being stuck. Stability means you’re consistently working hard towards your goals. Being stuck in a rut means what you’re working on won’t amount to a goal you truly desire. If you’re not sure, here are some signs it’s time you got out of your comfort zone:

You’re not making enough money
Now, sometimes we struggle financially but know how to make it manageable. Other times, we’re too lenient with our salary, for fear of never being able to get another job. That’s a sure sign it’s time to push harder. Can you work harder and negotiate a raise or ask for a promotion? Can you makeover your job search strategy and apply to higher paying jobs? You won’t know until you try.

You’re not growing
Of course, this is a surefire way to know you need to move on from what you’re at. What are the real benefits of staying at your current workplace? Financial stability? Great, stay for a little bit to remain stable. But make sure you’re always leaving room for growth in the direction of your true goals. If you can’t balance the two, aim for a job that will.

You’re not happy with your network
Whether that is your personal life or simply professional, if you’re unhappy with the people you surround yourself with, you won’t be happy in general. Sure, a great job may be worth it. But people are really what make a team and company stand out. Surround yourself with motivating co-workers or friends that support your growth. Otherwise, your energy will drain to the point where even a great job can’t keep you motivated.

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