Creating A Healthy Open Office Environment

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Creating A Healthy Open Office Environment
Open office formats are great for promoting team interaction. Without cubicles, not only does it encourage collaboration, but it also makes for a great, well-designed feel for your workspace. However, without cubicles, you are also more likely to spread germs. Don’t worry! Keep your open office workplace healthy with these easy tips:

Clean and Disinfect
Maybe you work close beside a co-worker’s desk. The best way to keep both your atmospheres healthy is to keep them clean! Wipe down your desk from dust or any dirt that edges it’s way into the little crevices of your workspace. Be sure to include your keyboard and/or mouse, and any buttons you frequently use. Also, always wash your hands!

Treat Colds Right Away
Are you or your co-worker starting to catch a cold? Take action immediately, don’t just shrug it off as nothing! Take cold medicine, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. Drink fluids, herbal teas, and tons of Vitamin C. Also, try not to get some space away from your co-workers!

Create A Quiet Space
Open offices are great. But often, the constant hustle and bustle of your co-workers can create some irritation. If you need it, you can find quiet time amongst an open atmosphere. First, invest in some headphones if you’re doing independent work and block out the noise with some soothing or classical music. Does your office have an empty room or area where it’s quiet? If not, suggest it to your manager. If anything, a quieter space on the opposite side of the room could be all you need.

Consider Lighting
Certain types of lighting can be harsh or straining on the eyes. Sure, it’s fine for certain periods of time. But 8 hours with harsh lighting, and it can create migraines in some employees. In fact, bad lighting can cause stress and poor productivity! At Crossroads, we’ve installed LED lights, with are actually easier for your eyes to handle. They’re also energy saving! Also, consider natural lighting via windows!

Promote Office Wellness
Of course, always promote general wellness. This means encouraging your employees to take short stretching or walking breaks, providing healthy snacks, or even starting a healthy competition. Maybe you can start a health challenge with your employees, while providing an incentive. Maybe you can have a healthy food potluck. These are all activities we at Crossroads love, that also promote wellness!

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