Using Artificial Intelligence in HR

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Using Artificial Intelligence In HR
When we think of artificial intelligence, we probably picture our favorite futuristic movies using high tech gadgets. In the year 2017, this image is far from unrealistic. In fact, advanced artificial intelligence has been slowly entering the workplace - through human resources. Here’s how artificial intelligence can be used in HR, according to

Candidate Screening
Right now, we have tons of advanced recruiting software that not only screens candidates’ applications, but also researches their backgrounds on the internet. The combination of both factual information and personal information (by way of social media) is revolutionary, as we now can research more than we ever could before about job candidates.

Candidate Engagement
According to Workology, “Fifty percent of candidates are not receiving any type of communication or having any type of interaction with an employer once they apply for a role on a career site or job board”. Artificial intelligence creates automated responses in order to engage candidates. Of course, one would setup an automated reply to a completed job application. But it goes further by being able to integrate information unique to the candidate: geo-location, tags, positions, categories, etc. This way, they’re also about re-engaging candidates for future job openings.

New Hire Onboarding
Artificial intelligence addresses your questions and provide new hires with information and resources that support your current projects. Not impressed? Well, consider that about 90% of your new hires forget orientation information - meetings, trainings, etc. Artificial intelligence can assist in learning reinforcement.

This is a big one. HR professionals love to create their own training programs, but often these only cover the most basic of information - because employees tend to get disengaged or there is simply not enough time. Artificial intelligence can run trainings specific to individuals, creating programs suited to their learning style or specific position.

Similar to the robots you may have watched on futuristic TV shows, artificial intelligence has advanced their organizational ability tremendously. From voice-activated commands to automatic calendar scheduling, artificial intelligence is it’s own separate brain, just for making appointments.

Taken with a grain of salt
Now, artificial intelligence in HR is simply an advanced method of algorithms used to research candidates and employees. It’s not much different than your everyday HR, and of course, it can be faulty. Always take advanced technology with a grain of salt.

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