How To Deal With Difficult Co-Workers

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How To Deal With Difficult Co-Workers
It’s unfortunate, but not every co-worker you like will necessarily be easy to work with. Why? Because everyone has a different work style, and actually, that’s a good thing. So, how do you deal when you start to clash? Here are a few tips:

Be aware of your own work style
Be self-aware. What kind of co-workers do you work well with? What kind do you have a difficult time with? Why? Be honest - is there anything you can do to be more flexible? Find ways you can improve. If anything, you’ll grow stronger and more capable of handling future difficulties.

Make it a teaching experience
Maybe you’re usually an organized person, but can’t communicate well with a less organized, yet outgoing employee. You’ve decided they are lazy - but in actuality, organization is just their weak point. Instead of getting frustrated, give them tips on how to improve. Sure, maybe you have different strengths, but together, that creates a great team. Find ways to direct this towards the enhancement of your projects.

Speak up
Are you addressing the issues, or just remaining passive? Always speak up. Talk to your co-worker directly and be honest with the issues you’re having. Maybe it’ll end up in a teaching experience. If it doesn’t go so well, talk to your manager. Maybe they have had similar complaints from other employees, or maybe this is something under their nose that they didn’t realize was happening.

Change something
Now, it is completely possible that you’re having difficulties because of the way your work is structured. Is e-mailing proving difficult? Are you getting mixed messages because you haven’t had enough check-in meetings? Is the general project strategy confusing and unclear? Take a step back from your personal conflicts and look at the setup as a whole. What ways can you improve your work strategies in the office to create better understanding and productivity?

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