Dealing With Excessive Lateness At Work

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Dealing With Excessive Lateness At Work
Being on time can be a struggle. Everyone knows that employee who comes in 10 minutes late with coffee in hand. However, there are also employees who may come in 3-5 minutes late. Is this okay? How can you ensure punctuality whilst also being realistic about traffic and other situations?

Give employees a reasonable window
Are you in a traffic-filled area? A simple 5-minutes after the start of the day is a reasonable window to allow lateness. Otherwise, you need to emphasize to your employees that they must figure out a schedule that allows them to get to their work on time.

Address the frequency their lateness occurs
Sure, sometimes new employees have trouble navigating their commute time the first couple of days. However, vets of your office who are constantly late need to be talked to. Other employees may see lateness as okay - making the rest of the office constant late.

Clearly state consequences
Maybe you could come of with a “three strikes” type of method. After three late arrivals, the fourth will mean they must make up the time. Also, generally lateness already ends up in docking of pay. Just remind them that they are losing pay for each minute of lateness.

Ask if something else if going on
While respecting privacy, you can always ask your employee why they’ve had such difficult getting to work late. Sometimes, this is due to a change in their kids’ or spouse’s schedule. Maybe they are undermotivated at work or there is team issue that is discouraging them. Let them know they can communicate with you.

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