Talent Statistics For 2018

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Talent Statistics For 2018
The Capterra HR blog recently put together statistics from talent surveys about their preferences and habits. Here are the results:

- Attracting high quality candidates is the top challenge for 76% of hiring managers (Glassdoor).

- American employees are working harder than ever. Of those who receive paid time off, most used only 54% of their eligible vacation time in 2017 (Glassdoor).

- 53% of employees report wanting a stronger health and wellness focus (Mercer).

- 79% of employees believe that employers should share responsibility for health and wellness with their staff, versus 11% who believe the responsibility is the employee’s alone (Westfield Health).

- 46% of employees say they’d be more engaged with wellness if their employer asked about their preferences (Westfield Health).

- 74% of employees reported feeling more satisfied, motivated, and loyal when they know an employer cares about their wellness (Westfield Health).

- Replacing an employee costs employers 33% of that employee’s annual salary (Work Institute).

- The average employee is 1.5% more likely to stay with a company when changing roles if offered a 10% raise on their base pay, even when controlling for job title, industry, business size, and location. (Glassdoor).

- Employees who spent 15 minutes socializing with coworkers during their workday exhibited a 20% performance boost (FastCompany).

- video conferencing is 30% better for communication than audio alone (OwlLabs).

- Gender and ethnic diversity are positively correlated with business performance by up to 15% and 35%, respectively (Gartner).

- 63% of employees rated their former employer “very good” or “excellent” after leaving the company (Work Institute).

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