How To Cultivate A Productive Mindset

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How To Cultivate A Productive Mindset
Do you find yourself always anxious that you’ll never finish a task? Constantly motivated by not making a mistake? Create healthier motivators and be more productive! Here’s how:

Have a “can-do” attitude
Sure, you’ve heard this thousands of times. But yet, you end up rushing to meetings, planning things last minute, etc. That is not a can-do attitude. That is a, “I-have-to-or-I’ll-get-fired” attitude. Don’t operate through fear of failure or negativity. Unfortunately, very many people do this and believe they must in order to avoid any mistakes. Instead, do tasks with the belief that you can complete them well, not the belief that everything could go wrong. After all, you were hired for this position for a reason, right? You must be able to do it right!

Want to get rid of some anxiety? Prepare. Do your homework before meetings. Now, make sure that you prepare with positive outcomes only in mind. When you think of disaster scenarios, don’t expect them to happen. Instead, gently remind yourself that you’re easily preventing them from happening by preparing. Give yourself the time to prep, and allow yourself to be confident in your preparations.

Get some positive support
Maybe the issue is that the people around you (and unfortunately, your team), don’t have productive mindsets. If you’re an office leader, you need to tackle this head on. If you’re not, you should always communicate it to your supervisor. Are the meetings mostly rag-fests where your co-workers insult other company methods? Do your employees tend to speak negatively around the office or about your projects? Do you notice low morale in general? Change it. You will not cultivate productivity otherwise.

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