Important Recruiting Statistics For 2018

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Important Recruiting Statistics For 2018
Glassdoor recently conducted a survey regarding recruiting trends in 2018. Here are a few important statistics and what they mean for the future of recruiting:

83% of employees/job seekers are likely to research company reviews and ratings when deciding on where to apply for a job.

In a time where job seekers could learn everything about your company culture after a quick glance at a review website, companies need to be aware of their online presence. There are several reasons why company reviews are both a huge asset and a danger to companies. Maybe you had an issue with one difficult customer, who wrote a bad review on a sparsely used review site. Obviously, this would inaccurately portray your company in that customer’s light. However, you can use these sites to your advantage by encouraging your clients and customers to give you reviews - even incentivizing them with promotions! How can you enhance your online presence?

69% of executives rate diversity and inclusion as an important issue in 2017, up 32% from 2014.

As society becomes more and more diverse, the subject of inclusion has become an important issue. There are several mutual benefits for diversity of any kind. Different cultural perspectives for the company, and of course, opportunity for the employee. How have you been about to integrate diversity into your recruiting?

54% of employees who take vacation/paid time off report being able to completely “check out” while they are on vacation.

This is interesting. So, about half of the employees who take time off actually use that time to stop working. The other half continues to work. Unfortunately, this can cause further stress in an employee, despite their vacation time. Do you allow your employees to work on their vacations? Is the result harmful to the employee? Take note of this, and decide to plan work duties in a way that allows stress-free vacations.

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