How To Improve Your Office Wellness Programs

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How To Improve Your Office Wellness Programs
Wellness is an important and fun part of any office culture. Not only does it promote great individual and team performance, it also encourages morale. Have you tried a couple of wellness ideas, but nothing seems to stick or be as effective? Here’s how to improve:

Ask for employee preferences
Simple! Why not ask your employees to take a survey or write down some wellness program ideas. After all, they know their wellness levels and workday flow the best. Some employees may even come up with things you never knew about! Maybe they have connections to charity walks or events? Either way, it’s always good to take some suggestions.

Make it consistent
Do you try something new every month? That’s great! However, especially in an office of people who need to keep track of several projects, throwing in a bunch of different activities may be overwhelming. It makes your wellness programs more effective if they can be consistent and cohesive. For example, maybe you enlist your employees in a healthy food challenge for two months. They commit to bringing healthy lunches and snacks for that period of time. Maybe you schedule an office massage every other month that your employees can look forward to? Maybe it’s a simple healthy food potluck every quarter? Either way, build a program that your employees can invest time in and get long term benefits out of!

Make it part of your culture
It’s great to have monthly programs that promote a healthy diet and exercise. However, if your office otherwise has candy everywhere as well as poor lighting and ventilation, it seems a bit counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Find ways to integrate wellness into your office culture. At Crossroads, we have yoga balls as an option to sit on instead of desk chairs. We also integrate essential oil diffusers for calming, clean scents and energies in the office. What are some everyday ways you can make wellness a part of your office?

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