How Your Team Can Enhance Your Talent Acquisition

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How Your Team Can Enhance Your Talent Acquisition
So your hiring process has gone through several changes throughout the years. This is mostly a good thing - you need to update the process as time and innovation changes. However, are you only doing enough to keep up? Why not truly maximize and enhance your process? Here’s how:

Add assessments
Don’t be afraid of seeming too uptight when asking candidates to complete skills assessments. Actually, it’s starting to become more popular for companies to include these again. Why skills assessments? Of course, you can weed out the candidates who aren’t truthfully skills in your needed areas, and you can compare the quality of skills between candidates. Maybe it’s a typing test, a mock press release, a coding test. Either way, you can refine your candidate search that much more.

Have more than one interviewer
Again, don’t be afraid of appearing strict. Many companies find it better to have more than one interviewer with a candidate. Why? Because you need different perspectives. Unfortunately, as humans we are akin to create biases just due to personal feelings or preference. It could be as simple as having a candidate who went to the same alma mater as you that can trigger favoritism. Instead, have at least two interviewers who having differing perspectives in the room.

Have the position as clear as possible in your mind
Sure, maybe you’re open to the position changing depending on the skillset of your new hire. However, you need to take into account that this position must primarily work well with your company’s current projects and employees. If your aim is just to hire the first nice person with a pretty good resume, you’ll have a very hard time picking a candidate. Instead, at least have a clear cut purpose and duties for the position. Have an idea of what would work with your company. Don’t interview candidates with the hope of just finding a random standout. Know exactly what you’re looking for.

Use fun questions purposefully
It isn’t very hard to glean personality from standard interview questions if you listen carefully. Many companies will add fun, somewhat random questions in at the end of their interviews because they believe it’ll reveal more personality. Sometimes yes, sometimes it’s no different than other responses. You’ll often find that a candidate with approach a fun question the same way as the others. These don’t hurt, though. Just remember to be personable and professional during the entire interview, and you’ll get a sense of the candidate’s personality from the get-go.

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