How Apps Can Disrupt Productivity

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How Apps Can Disrupt Productivity
Sure, we’re all weary of using social media during work due to distraction and disruption of productivity. However, many believe that productivity-oriented apps will be better. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Additional tools that make work more efficient are always great innovations. However, not every single new app is productive. shares research that shoulds how apps affect our productivity:

- 69% of workers waste up to 32 days of productivity per year (an hour per day) navigating through their communication apps. — RingCentral, 2018

- 68% of workers toggle between some 10 different apps per hour at work. — RingCentral, 2018

- The report defined communications apps as those used for phone calls, texts, web meetings, video conferencing, team messaging, and more. On average, most workers are using four apps total, but 20% are using six or more apps at work.

- 66% of those workers surveyed said they want a single communications platform, but 44% of executives said they were content with their current toolset.

- This disconnect could be costly, as 70% of frontline workers said managing their volume of communications was a challenge to getting their work done.

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