How To Stop Being Tired All The Time

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How To Stop Being Tired All The Time
Sometimes we know exactly why we’re tired, other times we get a wave of drowsiness and have no idea where it came from. Didn’t think you were stressed this week? Thought you had an energizing workout? Well, sometimes you’re tired for reasons you’re unaware of. Here’s how to cure it:

Eat foods that don’t inhibit your sleep patterns
So you think that second cup of coffee you had at 3pm won’t affect your sleep? Or do you think it’ll keep you up for longer? Do you usually fall right asleep after having a glass of wine? Well, caffeine and alcohol can affect your sleep patterns, even if consumed during “better” times of the day. A lot of coffee or caffeine may actually make you crash and get immediately drowsy after it wears off, making you tired rapidly. This could cause you to nap and then not be as tired come your actual bedtime. Alcohol may make you sleepy or just make your sleep irritating and uncomfortable. Either way, try to cleanse yourself from these substances, or at least consume them in small amounts. Also, be weary of having too much sugar and carbs before your bedtime - this will also encourage restlessness.

Eat foods that don’t give you inflammation
Do you get weird aches and pains, but don’t recall doing anything physical to cause it? This can sometimes be attributed to eating inflammatory foods. Flour and sugar can increase joint pain. Instead, try having more protein and veggies.

Time your eating habits with purposeful snacks and meals
Sometimes you get tired from either overeating or being too hungry. Don’t give yourself a hunger headache, and don’t let yourself go into food coma after lunch! Aim for energy-fueled meals at specific, well spaced out times of the day. Fill in gaps where you lose energy with energy-fueled snacks!

Watch your posture
Sitting at a desk all day or simply getting into the habit of hunching to look at your cellphone causes posture problems. This creates head, neck, and shoulder tension, which in turn can cause anxiety and unease. All this contributes to general stress, which we all know makes us drained and tired. Sitting up straight, without our shoulders and neck falling forward too much, can do wonders to at least the extra tension you may have been putting on your body. Stretch and avoid allowing your body to hold tension anywhere.

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