Why An Entrepreneurial Spirit Equals Employee Engagement

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Why An Entrepreneurial Spirit Equals Employee Engagement
There are several different reasons why employees become disengaged. Maybe they are heavily entry level employees who are simply looking to other career options for growth. Maybe they are dealing with personal troubles, social issues in the office, or a lack of communication. If these aren’t the culprit, it may be your engagement strategy. Instill an entrepreneurial spirit into your employees, and you may see them become self-motivating.

Give room to share ideas
Now, you always have the ability to make the final call, change strategy where need be, and run the room. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t sit back and listen at the same time. It’s important to both hire employees with fresh ideas and make sure those ideas come to light. You hired them for a reason. What new things can they bring to the table? What perspective do they have that you haven’t been able to see? Take opportunities to engage employees by allowing their opinions and ideas to shine.

Give recognition to entrepreneurial attitudes
This doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most innovative and inventive person in the room. They simply are self-starters, initiators, and are self-motivated. Whether it’s through incentives or communiciation, make sure that great workers are recognized so they continue to grow upon their strengths.

Create a space where questions are welcomed
Unfortunately, a lot of miscommunications are simply due to employees fearing to appear unintelligent among their peers or bosses. And those who are disengaged tend to hesitate to ask important questions. Make sure you set a tone where no question is considered stupid. Thus, all confusions and misinterpretations can be cleared up from the get-go and you’ll be all the more productive for it.

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