How To Stay Productive At The End Of The Day

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How To Stay Productive At The End Of The Day
Some time in the early to late afternoon, all employees fall into a bit of a schlump. Whether it’s from eating a heavy lunch or it’s just the workday taking a toll on you, it’s normal. But, it’s also able to be overturned. Here’s how to keep productive towards the end of the workday:

Do your easier tasks at the end of the day
Have a big project you need to focus on? Plan on tackling it in the morning, when you’re fresh and focused. Use your afternoons to do your faster/easier to move through tasks. If anything, the end of the day can be great for planning. Maybe you can map out how you’ll tackle your next project, or you’ll put the finishing touches on it. Plan your day according to the energy level you know you’ll have.

Know what energizes you
Does playing music help you or distract you? What snacks perk you up? Does coffee really help or does it make you crash? Take real note of what makes you sleepy or what makes you energized. Maybe you have a habit of working for a couple of hours straight and it drains you. Force yourself to take short breaks, they help.

Use an App
Maybe it’s not an energy problem, but instead a matter of distraction. If you are going to let yourself be distracted, try using an app. There are tons of productivity apps that help increase your focus, organize your daily schedule, and keep your breaks and focus periods on task. Figure out which is right for you and let yourself follow it.

Having an accountability buddy
If an end of the day schlump happens to you, it definitely happens to others in your office. Help each other out and encourage each other to stay alert at the end of the day. Maybe that means having meetings at the end of the day to perk everyone up. Maybe you do office stretches together or have a pep talk. Whatever it is, help each other out, and the whole office will benefit as a result.

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