Promoting Good Mental Health In The Office

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Promoting Good Mental Health In The Office
Often overlooked, a huge part of your health starts in your mind. What you feed your brain definitely affects how your body works. So of course, at work it’s vital to make sure your employees have good mental health. Here’s how:

Build and Boost Confidence
Especially if you’ve hired entry level/novice employees, it’s important to encourage them to build up their skills and encourage new opportunities to learn. Not only does this help you have efficient, knowledgeable employees in the long run, but it also creates confidence in them. Instead of making your employees fear failure (which can happen unintentionally), turn it around by always reminding them that you’re there to boost their growth. It’ll make all the difference in their mental health.

Positive Atmosphere
Along the same lines of confidence, you also want to use positive motivation. You’d be surprised by what wall decor can do for your office atmosphere. Inspiring images with motivation quotes are quite encouraging to your employees. It sets the tone for a good working environment. Also, make sure you verbally set the tone of your employees as well. Make it clear that you won’t tolerate any sort of office bullying or negativity.

This is probably the most important thing you can do in your office. Without proper communication, many people will create scenarios in their heads of what you’re actually thinking. Unnecessary anxiety is created when managers don’t communicate how well a project is done or what is needed to improve. Make sure to always be upfront and provide constructive criticism as well as recognition to your employees.

Team Building
A lot of mental health is affected by the people you surround yourself by. In an office where the people spend around 8 hours together, you should make sure that you enjoy their company. So spend some time developing fun office activities! Get to know how each employee works, and what they love to do outside of work!

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