Types of Office Atmospheres and What They Say About You

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Types of Office Atmospheres And What They Say About You
Offices are nowhere near one in the same anymore. This is a good thing, as they give people in all industries the chance to pick and choose the right atmosphere for them. Here are a couple different types of offices, and what they say about you:

Yes, the onset of all-virtual “offices” is finally here. Wouldn’t people miss the free coffee though? Doesn’t sound like it for some employees. By virtual, we mean employees often mostly work at home, or at the very least, meet with each other in person occasionally. Otherwise, their interaction is mostly through email or on the phone (if you can manage this type of communication, more power to you!). Sure, this could indicate freelance work, but there are also companies with small to large teams that do all their work virtually. Virtual offices are progressive, innovative, and reflective of the Millennial generation. However, depending on what kind of clients and customers you’re trying to attract, they may come off as disorganized and risky to do business with. What people think you’re virtual because you didn’t qualify for leasing space? If you’re a virtual office, be sure to be upfront with your communication style and establish your stability and reliability.

Open and Modern
Now very popular, this is a common and quite comforting office space to have. No wonder why more companies are switching to open offices with tons of plants and employee interaction. This is also very reflective of the Millennial generation, and seems to be here to stay. This says that your company is committed to teamwork, to interaction, to making employees feel at ease. But don’t forget about the more introverted workers who need space and quiet to get their work done. If anything, these office atmospheres should revel in their ability to be interactive, but still provide areas where quiet work can be possible. Do this by encouraging less noise in the open areas, and by designating a quiet private office space.

The tried and true office with cubicles galore. Does it have a bad reputation now? Unfortunately, it does a little bit. But don’t fret! Even if your office space does follow a traditional route, it’s not quite a bad thing. On the contrary, sometimes this is necessary, depending on your industry and your company’s brand. Of course, a law firm or a marketing company that works for serious firms may need to present themselves as so. Regardless of your office setup, you can always encourage interaction.

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