The Benefits Of Waking Up Early

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The Benefits Of Waking Up Early
The age old struggle between being productive and getting enough sleep is a tough one, but not impossible in the slightest. In fact, getting enough sleep is ultimately a precursor to a more productive workday. So, how do you go about doing both? Get to bed early, and wake up early. Here’s why, taken from

Waking up early benefits your diet
Did you know that many late-risers skip breakfast each day, and end up snacking late at night? This makes sense, depending on how late you decide to eat your first meal in the morning. But think about how important breakfast is - you need it to rebuild and replenish the nutrients in your body after a long night’s sleep of “fasting”. You also need it to focus and have energy. Skipping breakfast or just throwing off your eating patterns will cause you to get hungry at bad times, such as at night. The more you eat near bedtime, the more displaced energy you’ll have, and the harder it is to fall asleep. So in the end, waking up early actually helps you get better sleep.

More productivity, more free time
The earlier you wake up, the more time you have to yourself in the morning before work. That is time to spend with the family, read, exercise, or just meditate. You also get to plan or get started on something you wanted to get done early, so that you’ll have the rest of the day off! Many people get a strike of inspiration late at night, and unfortunately will not sleep until the wee hours of the morning. Counter this by letting the inspiration occur earlier in the day!

Being early reduces stress
Whether it’s waking up on time to get ready for work or making sure you get to bed early to get enough rest, being early helps release tons of stress. Eliminating that morning rush will do wonders for your productivity at the workplace. You won’t be rushing through traffic, eating small meals, spilling your coffee, or unfocused when you get to the office. Give yourself a little extra time, and your mental health will definitely benefit.

Less lethargy
Now, if you’re just unmotivated to wake up for your day, you may want to take a hard look at how meaningful and fulfilling your work and life are. But often, lethargy can come from a bit of laziness. If you tend to oversleep or have inconsistent sleep patterns, your body will not be well-energized. Instead, you may end up overcompensating for this lack of energy by overeating, becoming irritable, or just not being able to focus. Don’t over- or under-sleep. You’ll have much more balanced energy.

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