What To Know About In-House Recruitment

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What To Know About In House HR/Recruitment
Have you been thinking about making changes to your hiring strategy? Or your internal relations in general? That’s great! It’s always important to keep looking for areas to enhance your company. Ever thought about having a recruitment firm help you out? Here’s what you need to know, from theundercoverrecruiter.com:

Why some companies prefer on-site recruitment
Often, employers will utilize onsite recruitment services because they act as an extension of the company’s HR team. While the on-site recruiter would still post to the recruitment agency’s website, they would be focused only on the company they’re housed at. Many employers believe this is a more cost-effective, focused strategy.

Hiring and turnaround
Both on-site recruiters and outsourced recruiters may go through some of the same processes. They each require a recruitment fee after the candidate is hired. They also each run the risk of hiring a candidate that won’t work out, resulting in possible turnaround- just like any company’s main HR department. Regardless of recruitment agency use, this is a possibility. However, the addition of recruitment assistance vastly broadens the candidate pool. Often, it’s the outsourced recruiters who are most familiar with each candidate, knowing their past work performance with other companies.

Costs of in-house recruitment and outsourced recruitment
It is often assumed that an in-house recruiter would be more cost-effective. But keep in mind, an in-house recruiter is kept as a constant, with paid employment for longer periods of time. Outsourced recruitment, however, is often position-to-position, offering short time, one-time payments for each new hire. You only need to pay external firms when you need them. In addition, outsourced recruitment agencies come with a larger pool of candidates to choose from, as they’ve run searches for positions at many other companies.

In-house recruitment vs. outsourced recruitment
You may be wondering whether it’s a better idea to have an in-house recruiter or an external agency. Really, each have their own benefits - internal recruitment may know the company and the position more thoroughly than and external recruiter. However, external recruiters know their extensive pool of candidates better. Regardless, the quality of the agency you choose is very important. Staffing firms such as Crossroads are most reliable because they’re industry experts who keep up with industry progressions.

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