HR Statistics For Employee Satisfaction in 2017

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HR Statistics For Employee Satisfaction in 2017
With the onset of advancing HR technology, HR professionals have become more valuable a resource than ever in the workplace. From quicker, more precise employee satisfaction information to more organized job applications, HR statistics have become more measurable and important than before. Here are a few HR statistics reports conducted by reputable companies, taken from

Compensation Best Practices Report – PayScale
· 70 percent of technology industry employers cited retention as a top or high concern.

· 61 percent of top performing companies are willing to pay above the 50th percentile for competitive jobs.

· 40 percent of employers reported having transparent, open communication around compensation.

· 82 percent of employees would feel satisfied with below-market pay, as long as their employer was transparent about the reasons.

· More than 50 percent of average companies will not change compensation strategies to accommodate millennials.

The Pursuit of Employee Purpose – Cornerstone
· 89 percent of American employees would consider a lateral career move with no financial incentive.

· Reasons people would consider a lateral move:

· 57 percent for a position with greater satisfaction

· 41 percent for an entirely new career path

· 40 percent for a new professional challenge

· 77 percent of employees are willing to relocate for work.

· 86 percent of millennials are willing to relocate for work.

· 38 percent of employees stay with their current company because of their satisfaction with their career and their work-life balance.

· Only 4 percent of employees stay for company perks and benefits.

· On a quest to find a career with more purpose and greater satisfaction, 42 percent of employees expect to have three or more careers in their lifetimes.

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