How To Ignite Employee Motivation

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How To Ignite Employee Motivation
Whether it’s a post-holiday slump or you’re generally stuck in a routine, it’s completely normal for employees’ motivations to waver occasionally. Do you have to change your business or human resources model altogether? Probably not. Here are some simple ways to re-ignite employee motivation:

Incorporate their passions and special skills
Is there a way you can incorporate each employee’s special talents into your projects or group activities? Maybe you have a great writer on your team, and you ask them to write up a fun article about an upcoming event at your office for the local newspaper. Maybe you have a health nut in office that can lead stretches during breaks. Have someone who loves arts and crafts? At Crossroads, we love to create fun decorations ourselves for holidays and other events!

Do something different
Switch it up every quarter, month, or what have you. If your staff meeting room isn’t providing much inspiration for new projects, try changing the environment. Maybe you can have a retreat of some sort - whether that is for a day or a weekend. This doesn’t have to be expensive - go to a park and have a picnic. Get creative, have fun, and work outside the box!

Have incentives
Of course, people love a healthy competition. Maybe you’ve done the same sort of activities before, and have provided a gift card or something. Raise the stakes, create a team winner for the month or quarter. Incorporate health into it - maybe the winner gets a discount for a month at the local gym? Either way, keep your employees on their toes!

Change up your structure and update with new technology
Sure, you don’t have to change your business model. But you can experiment with new methods and technology. Attend conventions and conferences to find out what’s new and exciting in your industry. Encourage your employees to attend as well!

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