Simple Ways To Slow Down Productively

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Simple Ways To Slow Down Productively
How can you slow your pace at work whilst still being productive? Actually, in some ways, slowing down can make you even more productive! Your daily routine doesn’t always have to be hectic! Here’s how to slow down while also kicking your productivity up!

Don’t prioritize everything
Is everything really a priority? Some people ignore their emails and let them build until they realize they might’ve missed something important. Others try to respond to every email as early as possible - even unimportant ones. Strike the balance. Not everything needs to be handled right away. It doesn’t make you lazy, it makes you great at time management.

Be patient with co-workers
Sometimes, it’s not our own schedules or routines that stress us out, but our clashing with co-workers. Do you feel the need to keep your co-workers in check or constantly up-to-date? If you’re the manager, you should be able to set aside time to provide feedback so that this isn’t so frequent. As a fellow employee, your co-worker should really be taking responsibility for themselves. Either way, it’s great to be supportive and encouraging, but don’t do extra work for your co-worker’s sake.

Of course, take care of your health. Many Americans don’t even take advantage of their allotted vacation time for the year. This isn’t always productive. Take short breaks more often so you don’t feel like you’ll burn out too quickly.

Be consistent
Sure, some people enjoy fast-paced work. They like coming up with ideas and putting their nose to the grindstone immediately afterwards. However, it’s not effectively to work like this all the time. Make life easier for yourself and do your work in smaller, focused segments consistently for a period of time. That way, you can ensure quality work is being done.

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