When To Start Leveling Up

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When To Start Leveling Up
Many people gain success through routines, yet these often seem to be consistent, expected successes. While it’s of course find to be content with this routine success, it’s also important to challenge yourself. Do you take the initiative to break your own mold every so often? How do you know when it’s a good or a difficult time to start leveling up? Here are some tips:

Don’t do it if you can’t accommodate it
Thinking of adding more hobbies to your routine? Want to take that promotion? These are all great and should always be things to pursue. However, think about your lifestyle and work style now. Being busy doesn’t always result in productivity. How well are you following through with your projects now? Do you have the passion and energy to focus on this new project head on, or is it just another goal you’d like to accomplish “someday”?

Do it if you’re looking for a change
How long have you had the same routine? Do you feel like you’ve learned all that you could in your current position? Do you feel like you don’t want to learn anymore in your current position? Do you want to stop altogether? Of course, this means it’s time to make a change! Challenge yourself to do something new - ask for a promotion, learn a new facet of your industry, start a completely new hobby. Spice up your life every once in a while! It’s good for your health, too.

Do it to find your potential
Now, there are times you don’t seem to be bothered by your routine. But eventually, the world around you is. Your co-workers are getting younger and younger than you. You’re struggling to keep up with the innovations and new technology in your field. You may even be laid off. All these signs signal motivation to seek new horizons. It’s always worth it to find where your potential may lead you.

Do it to de-stress
While it may seem contradictory, challenging yourself and leveling up can release your stress. Maybe the current company you’re at isn’t at the top of their game anymore. Maybe your current car requires too many repairs that it would be easier to buy a new one. Maybe it’s finally time for you to pursue a leadership role, instead of being unhappy with your current leader’s management. Being stuck in a rut only causes more unnecessary effort. Level up and you’ll find that it’s much easier to grow and prosper.

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