Signs The Indicate You Need A Break

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Signs That Indicate You Need A Break
Believe it or not, a lot of people who engage in health and wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, etc., are still very much stressed out. Why? Because a big, effective cure to stress is often overlooked: taking a break. Here are some signs that you really need to take a break:

You’re getting irritated at everyone
Yes, stress means urgency, so sometimes you need to be “tough” on your co-workers. However, take into account how much more effective it would be to be calm and communicative instead. Do you find yourself snapping at everyone without meaning to? That’s stress. Even in the most hectic of times, a great leader tries to remain cool under pressure. If that’s usually you, but not right now - it’s time for a break.

You’re not coming up with anything new
Have you spent a couple of days pushing out a project, only to be out of ideas? Maybe you’re pushing yourself a bit too much. Are you at a loss for solutions to a problem? Not able to focus because you’re getting distracted? Remember, putting more hours into work doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective. It’s the quality of work that matters more. If you’re spending too much time coming up empty, you should probably just take a break to recharge and refresh your brain.

You’re constantly trying to hold back a break down
Are you having a day where you’ve needed to stop and take deep breaths multiple times? Are you just a few frustrating moments away from having a break down? Yes, if you can’t get the rest of the day off, keep trying to meditate or take a break. However, take stock of what’s making you this stressed out, and think of more productive, longer-lasting methods to relieve it.

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