How To Start The Year Off Right

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How To Start Off The New Year Right
So the holidays are over, and it’s time to start off fresh at work. Some may still be finishing off last projects from the previous quarter, while others may just be continuing a project. Either way, the workplace will get a burst of energy and motivation if the atmosphere is treated with excitement for new opportunities. Here’s how to begin the year right:

Do a review of the previous year
Both collectively and individually, it’s important to take stock of what you have learned from the past year. Take difficulties as a thing of the past and move forward. Take wins as something to build on. What would each employee do differently than they did last year? What would they do the same? Ask these same questions about your team as a whole.

Dream big
Have a motivation-boosting first staff meeting of the year. Not only will this be important for planning, but it’ll also promote the right attitudes in your employees. So take a few moments to dream big with your staff. What great things would they love to do this month? This quarter? This year? Sure, they should be realistic - but also somewhat challenging.

Organize the details
Now that you’ve pinpointed your big goals, break them down into the important details. Organization and planning will make your employees feel more at ease with the coming year. A sense of clear communication and direction right off the bat will be a great motivator for your employees. So strategize, get your employee’s input, and adjust where need be.

Need things to get moving fast this month? Make it fun with a little bit of incentive. After the holidays, there’s usually a dry spell of fun activities. So create a little in office competition between departments or teams to get projects started with a bang! Prizes could include a free dinner, a new office appliance, spa certificates, etc.

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